Mike Standish

CEO, Convergence Capital, LLC.

Mike Standish has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years starting and growing Advanced-Online before selling the business in 2015 while successfully investing in various real estate projects.

A business person with experience providing market trend evaluation, financial analysis, marketing and strategic guidance, Mike has a history of providing clients superior products and services while generating resources for employees and the enterprise. He will provide financial resources and market-driven directional guidance for Convergence Capital.

He is committed to long-term mutually beneficial relationships, using creativity to provide solutions for clients, providing excellence and integrity in all aspects of customer service. 

Convergence Capital, LLC., Mike and his wife Peg are commitment to sustainability in all aspects of business, providing ecologically-friendly environmental solutions, increasing efficiency in use of natural resources, and giving back with time and financial resources to non-profits and ministries devoted to serving children’s inner-city poverty and education.